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I have website The Paintball Era and i want to create buisness emails for my website. Can i make my domain buisness email with Cloudflare?? If yes then how can i do that??

The short answer is NO.

Cloudflare does not offer mailboxes or the ability to send email. You can use Cloudflare email routing to forward email to one of your existing mailboxes, but when compared with using a dedicated business email provider, it comes up short.

Cloudflare email routing is best suited for certain use cases, but a proper business email account will likely be the best option for your purposes.

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The way it usually works it that you find a suitable business e-mail provider. They then will give you a recipe how to set so called MX records for your DNS, which allows you to use mail under you own domain.

An alternative to use consumer mail (like GMail) is to use a service that take care of forwarding. You then point MX records to them, and they just pass through. You often get some features like specific mailboxes included.
I can recommend https://improvmx.com/ for this. They have a generous free tier, and their business tiers are reasonably priced as well.

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