Builds vs. Deployments

The Pages documentation describes build limits:

Each time you push new code to your Git repository, Pages will build and deploy your site. You can deploy up to 500 times per month on the Free plan. Refer to the Pro and Business plans in if you need to deploy more frequently.

Does this mean using wrangler pages publish does not count towards the build limit? (since it’s a deploy, and not a build)

My understanding is that:

  • pushing to Git and having Cloudlfare build and deploys: counts towards the build limit (500 on free plan)
  • using wrangler to publish: does not count towards the build limit.

Am I correct? I see “builds” and “deploys” used interchangeably, so I’m not sure if I got it right. The doc says “when you push through git…”, it doesn’t mention wrangler.
I did notice that when using wrangler, the line Building application is italicized, whereas it includes the full build process when pushing through Git.

tl;dr: does using wrangler publish exposes me to the same limit, even if there is no build process?


Your understanding is completely correct, using wrangler pages publish does not count towards the build limit. At the moment you can do an unlimited amount of those.

It has been said that they may add a separate limit in future for Direct Upload builds, but it will be higher since it does not require Pages CI to build everything.


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