Build with PHP

Hi, I am testing the Cloudflare Pages.
I uploaded a simple PHP file with <?php echo "Hello, world"; ?> in it, but it is not working.

I did some researches that, it seem I am using v2 build system which doesn’t support PHP yet.
I do see tutorial with image that show we can switch back to v1 in the setting.
However, in my setting, I can’t see “Build system version” setting at all.

Is there anyway I can make it work?

Sounds like you’re using Direct Upload not the build system. Either way, you want to serve PHP not build with PHP

You cannot serve PHP content on Pages, you would need a VPS or other such host to handle that.


Thank you for the reply.
Yes, I am using direct upload.

I only use PHP because I need to use some for loop to create contents.
I will be adding new content monthly.
Other than that, it will be static site for most of the time.

In this case, should I upload the page to GitHub, and push it to Cloudflare pages?

Thank you very much!