Build fails immediately with "Failed to start the deployment due to an internal error"

Hello! I have been trying to deploy a new version of my website on Cloudflare Pages but it immediately errored out. Here’s what the logs say:

21:40:17.067	Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
21:40:17.067	Failed to start the deployment due to an internal error

I’ve retried the deployment. I’ve also tried to push another commit. I’ve tried to deploy at different times for the past day. But I keep getting the same error. This website has been deployed successfully in the past. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks

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It doesn’t look like there’s an issue happening with Pages right now. Which leads me to believe this could be an API issue.

Could you please join the Discord server so we can look into it better and if needed, escalate this to the API team. The invite is:

Please link this thread and tag me @Walshy


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I’ve been facing the same issue. My repo is on Gitlab.

I ended up deleting my website on Cloudflare Pages and then set it all up again. Things are working fine now but I guess we never figured out what was the cause of the error.