Build destination (domain) in CloudFlare for Team

I’m looking for a way to bulk add domain in CloudFlare for team

I don’t think there is a way to do that, I was trying to create an AppleSript:

this script for instance would add the domain, and it does show on the text field but some how if I click “add to policy” after, I have the error “source can not be empty” :

set myCaseNote to ""

tell application "Safari"
    do JavaScript "document.getElementsByClassName('ait aiu aiv aiw aix ge aiy gg gz ns ga ahv jn fq aiz aja lv cv jr e wb nu abc ajb ajc ow p ajd')[0].value=" & quoted form of myCaseNote in tab 2 of window 1
end tell

It’s work fine with the mouse/keyboard without the script so I though I could use a keystroke but I’m not a big fan of this solution.

Hi @kevinn, the ability to bulk upload items into a list is coming this quarter.

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