Build deleted and replaced by another.. files are still present

Step by Step…
I uploaded a website with certain files to production.

Then I have replaced that web in production with other files, also in production.

And I removed the first build. I only have one build.

Here the problem…
If I manually search for files that belonged to the removed build… these files are present.

I have cleared the cache but the files are still present.

Ex. If build 1 had an image called “pic1.jpg” and build 2 only had an image called pic2.jpg…
Although I have removed build 1… if I look for the image pic1.jpg by url… it is present.

How can I completely remove a build … already removed?

Are you referring to the deploy URLs such as [hash].[project] These exist forever unless you manually delete them from your project.

Pages does some of its own caching with these URLs though since they’re static, so it’s possible you’re simply seeing the old deploys still even after deleting them. This cache isn’t very long though, so check back in no more than ~7 days and they’ll likely be gone.

This shouldn’t have any impact on your project if you’re using the [project] URL - it’s solely the specific hashed URLs where you might see old content for a short time even after you delete the deploys.

If I’m misunderstanding and you’re not referring to those hashed deploy URLs, can you provide some more information so I can better understand what you’re seeing please?

It is not in [project]
It is in final production on my domain.
I suspect a proper cf pages cache, because I have deleted all the builds, there is only one, but there are files from the deleted build.
I reiterate that the files are only accessed if I go directly to them since I know the names of those files.
Thanks…I 'll wait about 7 days…

Do you have any Page or Cache Rules setup on your production domain that affect caching in any way?

The normal cf cache is active.
Anyway I have cleared the cache several times.
Thank you!