Bugs or Problem on Full SSL and Flexible SSL

I dont know. Where toput this question but…
One Problem I got.
While enabling flexible ssl
I didn’t got authors pic … broken pic

I used flexinle ssl plugins also
While enabling Full Ssl
When website loads… simply a all text got red
Blinks once and again normal …

I used Wordpress website. :
Whats the probllem plz help
Check it out
Website anonymousnepal.ml
I wants to fix the red text!

This is on flexible ssl…
I cant put… two images on. Post new user soo

That’s a mixed content error because the emoji.js is trying to use http. From the Cloudflare Crypto page, turn on “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.” That usually fixes it.

Sir I have turned it on… already… ! Help me to solve this problem

Good to hear. Those settings look they’re working.

Sir I have enabled …
Full ssl .
On full ssl this happens … how to fix this
It blinks Red text and goes

That’s due to what looks like a CSS conflict at your browser. I am unable to replicate that behavior, even on a super-slow connection. Click the Video tab to watch a reply.

Using android we could see that conflict… sir…
How could I fix this

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