BUG: Zero Trust -> Tunnels -> Public Hostname doesn't work with more than one page

It looks like the Zero Trust → Tunnels → Public Hostname edit pages were never tested with more than one page. It defaults to paging by 10, and you can’t change it. Once you get to more than one page, anything not on the first page cannot be moved nor deleted. The delete is actually dangerous because it will delete the same row from the first page rather than what you want to delete.

Tagging @abe on this.

I can confirm the same thing. I’m seeing this with Firefox, Edge, and Chrome.

On page 2 or higher if you move anything, delete or edit it you’re actually moving the item in that numbered position on page 1.

Thanks for reporting this. We’re getting a fix up as soon as possible and expect a release out shortly. I’ll keep this thread updated.

cc: @domjh

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We’ve pushed out a fix for this issue. Again, thank you for reporting this one.

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It still has issues. When I move things, it is still modifying the first page entries. On the left side, the rows are still numbered 1-10 on all pages. It does display the correct entry in the confirmation dialog now when hitting delete, but I haven’t gone past that yet in case that still doesn’t work.

Yes still see issues editing and moving order. Deletion says the right item. If I edit number 2 on page 2 it ends up replacing whatever number 2 was on page 1 with the edits I saved for number 2 on page 2.

Moving anything on page 2 doens’t move it on page two but moves the items on page 1.

I am also experiencing this. I cannot edit our list beyond the first page, and kept accidentally deleting entries, causing abandoned routes! Please get this resolved asap.

Still having issues with editing items. Editing item number 2 on page 2 ends up editing item number 2 on page 1. There is no way to edit the items on subsequent pages still.

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