Bug: Workers real-time logs show "OK" status regardless of the actual HTTP status

When using the real-time log in the workers UI, the status column always show “OK” regardless of the actual HTTP status that the worker returned.
I believe that it shows OK to indicate that the worker ran, regardless of the worker’s response.
This is very confusing and makes it hard to troubleshoot real issues. I think it should be replaced with the actual status returned by the worker, or at least add a new column if you can’t change this one.

“OK” indicates the Worker ran as expected without uncaught errors. It does not have anything to do with the actual HTTP status code. This is the intended behavior. If you need to know the HTTP status code, I suggest you console.log() the response before returning it. You can then run wrangler tail | jq '.event.logs' to see the responses.

Thanks, I understand that.
In my case the worker-site script threw unhandled error 500, but still the log showed ok.
Since worker/index.js is auto-generated file and not my code, I expected it to appear in the log.
Anyway, I have 2 points:

  1. It is not clear from the ‘status’ title that this is what this column means. This is a UX problem that can be easily solved.
  2. Having the http code, in addition to the status, is extremely helpful. Especially when it’s site-worker and therefore not even my script.