Bug with deleting mx record

Hello, Can someone please contact technical support for me I can’t do that at all.
There is a bug in my account for domain ⵣ.cc (cn–lnj.cc)
Since over 24 hours there is a bug in erasing the 3 (Cloudflare) MX records.
This then must be done from the inside it wont let me do it due to a bug.
Thanks for your help. Standing by on this side.

I show records added by you and then deleted by your same account. Does anyone else have access to the dash.cloudflare.com account? You can trace these in your audit log for details.

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No one else.
These three records are there now. They won’t delete.
There are physically there.

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I misread your post as records were being removed, they are actually being added, is that correct?

Are you using email routing? If so, disable it and the record can be removed. There should be a message on your dash indicating that.

Precisely. This is the bug. It loops so it bugs deleting.

Is email routing enabled. Had it been in the past?

It had been. It loops now between deleting enabling and being disabled.


I had the same problem as you. I turned on email routing, and Cloudflare automatically added the MX record, but failed DNS configuration, and couldn’t delete the MX record

This is because this new email beta service does not support IDN. Now we are stuck with a bugging loop. They should warn beta does not support IDN.

Now the situation is that MX records can not be deleted, and the site can not be deleted and added again, what should we do

I have exactly the same situation than you right now.

A little too bad, I should try to change to another mail service provider that can customize the domain name, I wonder if there is any service provider that supports IDN

Try migadu and Zoho : the best in town.

Can I just confirm my understanding of this issue is correct.

You have IDNs that are added to Cloudflare, you enabled the unsupported Email Routing feature there. You then disabled it but cannot remove or edit the MX records that were added to change to a different email provider?

If that’s correct can you try toggling email routing on and off again, let us know if you still can’t edit/remove the MX records and we’ll escalate this to support.

Please look at the three screen shots I sent yesterday.
And then please one more time erase these 3 MX from the inside.

In fact, IDN leads to the failure of adding and enabling mail routes, so we cannot control the switch of mail routes and cannot enable them at present.The MX record cannot be deleted either. Could the official technical staff fix this bug or help us delete the MX record?