[BUG] Widget not displayed in "interaction-only" mode after turnstile.reset() / Usability suggestion

When using the “interaction-only” appearance mode, the widget is only displayed if interaction is required, and then the turnstile.reset() function can be used multiple times normally.

Problem: However, if interaction is not required on the first execution of the widget, it remains hidden, even if interaction is required after using turnstile.reset().

Solution: Turnstile must render the widget after using turnstile.reset(), whenever interaction is required.

Another question, about usability - Normally the widget is close to the form submit button, so when interaction is not necessary, some users get confused and think that the form has already been sent, as they see the widget next to the submit button with a green ok icon, and the message “Success”. They don’t know that this message refers to a captcha if they haven’t had to interact with it.

It would be really good for usability to change this widget message to something clearer, like “Validated” instead of “Success”.