Bug: The Edit button in the Dmarc doesn't open the dmarc TXT record

When in the dmarc management tool, if you scroll down to the dmarc record and click edit from the ellipse menu, it does not take you to a place to edit that record, it takes you to search all of DNS records which you can then edit your dmarc recrod.

I’ll say that’s a feature, not a bug.

Maybe the UI should say something more verbose like “Go to DNS Management screen to edit the TXT record for this DMARC policy” instead of just “Edit”.

While it may be convenient to make individual DNS changes in place, that can lead to errors when you don’t have the full picture of what other records exist. I think it’s far better to let users make DNS record changes in one place, the DNS screen, rather than spreading this all over the place.

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If i click here:


it should take me here:

Just like clicking here: