Bug reports get (the same) auto-reply all the time?

What did you report?

It’s in the bottom of my screenshot. But I’ve gotten this same auto-reply to all the other reports I’ve made via the app.

So it is an issue with Warp on Android?

Technically it’s an issue with CloudFlare customer support :sunglasses:

Well, from your screenshot it is not obvious what you wrote, but the response doesnt seem to be too unreasonable. If you report an issue and they have published a new version with a presumable fix, it is obvious they will suggest to update. Is it not?

We can certainly tag the person you talked to -> @irtefa

It’s indeed not an unreasonable response were it not the response I’ve gotten to all bug reports. And as the screenshot shows (I hoped), it’s even the response when I asked them whether that was an automated response they send (thereby answering that question)… :sunglasses:

But I’d love to hear @irtefa 's take on the matter.

Ohh my.


My bad, I didnt click it and the cropped version Discourse displays is not very expressive.

Lets tag @dane too

We are hiring new dedicated Warp support engineers. For now we have had to do some bulk processing as it has let us narrow down into remaining issues faster. I am sorry about this. @irtefa can look back into your specifically.

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