[Bug Report] Ready to Stream doesn’t signify when video can actually stream


I’m using ready to stream is true from the webhook, as well as status ready, for my stream videos. However when I then try and stream the HLS or dash immediately after getting this notification, the videos are not available. I have to then keep refreshing for a further 5-10 seconds until the videos are actually streamable and the videos work. During this time none of the statuses update, and no further webhooks. This is just for a 1.5mb mp4.

Looking at the documentation, this shouldn’t be the case. Ready to stream status should mean I can play the mp4 through hls or dash, I shouldn’t need to manually poll further until it is actually ready to stream.

just to add, what is happening is that the web hook is specifically triggering, stating the file is ready_to_stream and status is “ready” and when you try and stream the video or go directly to the streaming URLs on either HLS or DASH it gives “NotFound: failed to fetch” error for at least another 5 seconds or so, when it then finally allows you to stream.


Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you please submit a ticket so we can check this for you?


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