Bug Report for Cloudflare Teams

Reporting two bugs as I have not received any replies for over4 months on these after multiple submissions to support:

1, We are on the paid Gateway-only plan which lists 50 Locations, however after 20 locations the product blocks the creation of any additional locations.

2, We have also purchased the “Browser Isolation” package however no Rules show up with the Isolation option.

#1 is more urgent, #2 we would need eventually (since it’s an extra $10 per user)

Everyone else that’s experiencing the same, please upvote so these bugs can get resolved in a timely manner

Hi @romeo,

Can you share your ticket number(s) for these issues?

since there was no way to open new tickets from Teams, I followed up on this one one more time: 1924352

I’ve also submitted the feedback form a couple times with this info.
Thank you!

Ah, I see. I’m not sure if the feedback form will get you account specific help or a response, but I’ll escalate this topic and your ticket.

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Thank you very much!

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auto-reply said: “Email support is not available for customers on your plan type”

Either way, I hope they’ll fix the bug as we are not looking for support but just the product to allow what it says on the pricing page. (50 Locations for Gateway-plans)

Understood, I believe they are working on getting support tickets enabled for paying Teams customers. I have escalated it and you should receive a reply here soon.

Hi @romeo,

This ticket 1924352 has been closed by the system and I cannot reopen it, please send a ticket to support through your dashboard so that our tech team can address your concerns.

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Hi Laurie,

Domjh is correct, even though we are a paying customer there is no support option showing in the dashboard.

Also, this is just a bug report:
The account doesn’t let us create more locations even though we are on the Gateway Plan, which allows 50 locations according to the pricing page.

it’s not a support request, just simply looking get the product fixed which I’m sure all users would appreciate, but you guys have made it extremely hard repeatedly to submit this product bug.

Can you email [email protected] from your account email address? You’ll most likely get an autoresponse saying that your ticket has been marked resolved due to your plan, but post the ticket number in the autoresponse and we’ll get it followed up on.

Do you know of more than one user having the issue? I

New ticket number: #2235186

I tried it in multiple browsers so it very much looks like a product bug itself, as a PM myself, there is no reason to believe that it’s limited to one user and considering the level of difficulty in submitting product bugs for users this paid Gateway-plan, I wouldn’t be surprised if 99.99% of them couldn’t even make it this far. This is literally the 15th action step I had to take to get this raised to your product teams attention.
I feel like I work for Cloudflare.

Out of curiosity, can you share where you went first? There is work being done to improve this, so I’m interested to know where you went. I think most users open a ticket, get an autoresponse and then come here.