BUG REPORT: Domain registration checkout fails (UK)

I’m based in the UK and have tried to register a .uk domain.

Checkout fails and I am unable to complete the transaction. The problem appears to be connected with postcode details.

If someone could contact me directly, I’ll be happy to provide screenshots


Try sending your screenshot to billing AT cloudflare DOT com and explain the situation. Then please post the ticket # here as soon as you get the auto-reply.

It would also help if you edited the title of this post so you can change the Category to General → Billing.

Thank you for this suggestion @sdayman

Ticket number 2296455

This ticket is now in the escalation queue.

Hi @MrPaulDriver,
I did check and add some internal notes to your ticket for our team, and I believe you are correct in that the address can cause the process to not be able to complete.


It occurred to me this might be because the postcode contains a space. Just to add, this is the correct way to format a UK postcode.


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