🕷️ [BUG] Payment methods not accessible in dashboard

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I just entered credit card information, but that payment method is not accessible to me in the dashboard. When I visit the “Payments” tab in the “Billing” section of the dashboard, all I see is the form for entering a new payment method. I don’t see the payment method I just successfully entered.

When I refresh the page, the payment method does appear for a split-second before being overwritten by the payment method entry form. This seems to be a bug with the dashboard UI. (It does not seem to be related to the subscription related issue that Cloudflare is currently investigating. I have no subscriptions active; nor do I have any outstanding invoices.)

In a nutshell, I simply can’t access (view or edit) the payment method I just entered.

(p.s. I submitted a ticket, but the support rep seems to have only glanced at the subject line and assumed it was related to the ongoing subscription issue, as the response was entirely unrelated to the issue I reported.)

I flagged 3334671 for my Support colleagues. While we wait for their reply, can you try again from incognito mode?

Thanks, @cloonan. I did try that. I also tried from a different browser with the same result. (I’ve tried both Chrome and Safari.)

I’ve had my Cloudflare account for a while but only recently decided to pay for an add-on, so this is my first experience with the billing section. Needless to say, I’m waiting until I feel I have control of my financial info before proceeding.


Sorry for our misunderstanding of the issue you were having, I escalated this internally and updated the ticket, and we will send you updates from there

Thanks for being understanding.