[BUG] Pausing WARP does not reset DNS settings

When pausing WARP on version 2023.7.160.0, the DNS settings on the Network Adapter are not always reset. We have this issue with many of our devices in our organization. It sometimes works, but a lot of times, it does not, leading to DNS errors.

Since our users are not local admins on their PC’s, this leads them unable to access the internet, as they can not reset their DNS settings themselves without admin rights.


We’re seeing the same issue across a large number of users.

We believe this is somehow related to switching networks, e.g. when you have been online on one WiFi and later connect to another WiFi. That seems to create some confusion for WARP.

That coincides with what we’re seeing as well - this most often occurs when a user is transitioning from their home to a remote location.

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Hello Chris,

We also have such difficulties. Could you please clarify if you already find resolution?

Thanks in advance,

No resolution has been found, unfortunately. Hoping that Cloudflare will discover this thread some day.

internal BUG ticket with high priority has been opened day ago. Hoping too…

How were you able to create an internal bug ticket with Cloudflare? Just curious, since we also have this issue that nobody responded to: Windows reports “No internet” while on WARP - Zero Trust / WARP - Cloudflare Community

it was opened from Cloudflare side, not from us. I meant that they are aware about this problem.

btw, customer proposed workaround:
Get-NetAdapter | Set-DnsClientServerAddress -ResetServerAddresses

Might be useful for you :slight_smile:

If you ever run into this, what Support ultimately needs is a warp-diag when the WARP client is in the invalid state.

That is, if one finds their Primary adapter with the DNS IP addresses of and when WARP is disconnected, can we please generate a warp-diag (when WARP is disconnected) and upload it to a Support ticket, then reference that support ticket within this post.


I am experiencing a similar issue with WARP version 2023.9.248.0 on latest Windows 11 stable version.

The issue emerged when I left home and connect to the Internet somewhere else, but I am not sure if this is related though.

Hello, we have the exact same bug on several machines.
After a day at my home office, my WIFI Interface, which is using DHCP, this interface is set to static DNS

At the office, now my WIFI isn’t working, because of bad DNS entries.

Windows 11 22H2
Cloudflare 2023.7.344.1

Is there a resolution in sight?

Best regards,
Robin Groß

This is causing issues in our environment as well, causing lots of extra tickets and travel issues. Any update on this one CF?

Does release 2024.3.409.0 from Friday, March 29, 2024 fix this?
I see a notable update: Corrected an issue where the DNS server information was being improperly persisted across network changes.

Version 2024.3.409.0 does not fix this issue. Cloudflare needs to come up with a solution.