[BUG] Pausing WARP does not reset DNS settings

When pausing WARP on version 2023.7.160.0, the DNS settings on the Network Adapter are not always reset. We have this issue with many of our devices in our organization. It sometimes works, but a lot of times, it does not, leading to DNS errors.

Since our users are not local admins on their PC’s, this leads them unable to access the internet, as they can not reset their DNS settings themselves without admin rights.

We’re seeing the same issue across a large number of users.

We believe this is somehow related to switching networks, e.g. when you have been online on one WiFi and later connect to another WiFi. That seems to create some confusion for WARP.

That coincides with what we’re seeing as well - this most often occurs when a user is transitioning from their home to a remote location.

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