Bug in Pages Project update API when project name is empty

Hi everyone,
I’m playing around with Cloudflare pages project and I think I stumbled on a bug in the API.


  • I manually created a pages project via API;
  • I manually sent an update via API and by mistake I included the field “name” but with an empty value.

As a result, now my pages project doesn’t have a name and I cannot edit\remove it anymore.
I can confirm that I have a project without a name by using this API which lists all of my projects.

I can also confirm that this is causing issues on the Cloudflare dashboard because it now returns “It looks like we’re having some internal issues.”.

Is this the right place to notify this?

Hey, thanks for the report. Is there a pages.dev URL associated with your project? There should be but I’m not sure given the empty name. If so, please can you let me know what it is. If not, can I please have your account ID (the hash in the URL - dash.cloudflare.com/<account-id>)?

Hi @Walshy , sure, there is an associated pages.dev URL which is aaaa-51b.pages.dev .

Ok yep can confirm it has no name. We can manually delete it tomorrow. Thank you very much for informing us, I will make sure we have a ticket on this.


Hey @Walshy any update on this?

@rhaidiz We have a fix incoming at the moment! Cheers.

This is now resolved! Thank you for reporting this. Cheers!

Sorry to open this topic again but even though the problem was solved, my account still has a pending pages project with an empty name that is preventing the pages dashboard from loading.

Could you please delete it for me so that I can have access to my dashboard again?

The URL of the project is aaaa-51b.pages.dev.


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@sid2 the repo_name is aslanpp.vim

No worries. We’re looking at this. Can you please confirm the repo name that you created this project with?

Thank you for the repo_name!

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