Bug in hCaptcha - it is unsolvable. For about an hour I can't access the website

I have a huge problem with hCaptcha. For about an hour I can’t access cinebloom.org I solved the captcha more than 20 times and noting. Can someone help me with this bug?

Same issue via patreon. Not sure why this is going on. Have been using same details to link with patreon for a long time now and never had this issue or even to do any CAPTCHAs, genuinely unhappy. Why is cloudfare interfering with people’s use of websites like this? Don’t they realize this costs their clients potential revenue by denying their customers access to their websites?

I have the same problem! I preferred it when it was Google’s recaptcha.

The way is for you to temporarily disable the firewall rule you created to display the recaptcha.

Hi there,

If you’re solving the CAPTCHA and see a green checkmark that quickly vanishes, this is nothing to do with hCaptcha per se: from our perspective you passed. However, there appears to be an edge case in the WAF where it repeats the challenge in some scenarios. This is a known issue that Cloudflare is working on right now, but only affects a very small number of users.

You can likely work around this by trying from another IP, e.g. your phone with WiFi off.

Still the same issue here. What is going on? Accessibility cookie doens’t work either on FF 82.0.2.

Hey guys, I think i found a form to temporally solve the problem.
You just have to use a VPN. It will instantly remove the captcha.
I recommend Hola! VPN chrome extension, just because is the easiest one to use, you just have to download it in the chrome web store and enable it when the captcha shows.
As I said, its a temporally form to volve the problem, and it can be a little annoying to turn on the VPN whenever you heve to enter any page with hcaptcha, but its the only form that I know to solve it.

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THANK YOU, you’re a lifesaver. This worked for me. I used TunnelBear as a VPN. They give you 1500 MB for free per month which is enough for me.