Bug in DMARC-Management

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it seems that the “DMARC Management” function does not recognize if the record in the DNS is entered in quotation marks, after removing them the recognition of the policy works.

However, Cloudflare actually enters the quotation marks itself when you set up email forwarding with the wizard.

Off-topic: Are the supported TLDs of the Cloudflare registrar actually entered correctly in the two overviews (console and website) and are they updated regularly or is this rather neglected?


Off-topic 2: Are there plans for when de and eu domains can be registered? After all, these endings are among the most important worldwide, aren’t they?

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The problem is, if you enter extra quotation marks, or any other symbols for that matter, you’re not necessarily having a valid record any more.

If you would normally have a DMARC record like:

# dig TXT _dmarc.internet.nl
_dmarc.internet.nl.     3600    IN      TXT     "v=DMARC1; p=reject; sp=reject;"

Having these extra quotes would make the DNS result become:

# dig TXT _dmarc.internet.nl
_dmarc.internet.nl.     3600    IN      TXT     ""v=DMARC1; p=reject; sp=reject;""

And, according to the standards, I would personally say that these extra quotes are invalid.

The content of the DMARC record is supposed to start with:


But, with the extra quotation marks, the content of the DMARC record received ends up on starting with:


I would say that it is correct to fail like that, when you have these surrounding quotation marks, or otherwise having or causing an invalid syntax regardless which way, but for example, due to invalid characters.

I would be following the https://www.cloudflare.com/tld-policies link, however, if you see any discrepancies between that and the Cloudflare Dashboard, I suggest you to provide feedback about that.

There is nothing more specific than what you see on the link above.

There are however some suggestions in the Registrar Feature Request section, to add various new TLD.

You can go in there and throw your vote on the ones you agree with.

Here is for example one that mentions both .DE and .EU.

Even though .DE is of (huge?) importance to you, .DE could very well be of no importance, or in other words, be completely worthless, to me.

Other people could similarly say that e.g. .DK or .NL would be most important, or at least more important than .DE, but I suppose that you wouldn’t be agreeing with that. :wink:

It is a very individual opinion, that varies a lot from person to person, and from business to business.

So I wouldn’t necessarily say, that you could call the one more important than the other.

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