Bug(dns): Invalid address: You must enter a valid IPv4 address



1. Summary

I can’t add any record for my e-mail. I get an error:

Invalid address: You must enter a valid IPv4 address.

For example, I can’t set SPF record.

2. Data

  • domain — https://kristinita.ru,
  • NS servers — Cloudflare,
  • domain register — prosto.name,
  • Business e-mail — Zoho Mail.

3. Resources

Articles, that I read:

You must add an SPF record on the NS servers to which your domain is delegated.

4. Steps to reproduce

my DNS Records page:

I add new record:

  • Name — @,
  • Content — v=spf1 include:zoho.com ~all.

I press Add record.

5. Expected behavior

Successful add new SPF-record.

6. Actual behavior

Invalid address: You must enter a valid IPv4 address.




I’ve seen a similar situation for CNAME. The user switched browsers and was able to get it to work.

Which browser (version) and OS (version) are you using?


Thanks, this is bug in settings of my browser (I don’t find, where exactly), it not Cloudflare bug.


  • Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit),


  • the newly established Firefox 59.0 64-bit portable.

I get success:


  • Firefox 59.0 (64-bit) (even in Safe mode), that I usually use,

I get bug above.


Unable to reproduce here, but I have filed an issue for our dev team to review. Thanks for the report and glad you have it working now.

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