[Bug] DMARC Management - Off-by-one in report list

When digging into some SPF alignment failures in my DMARC reports, I noticed that the list of reports seems to have a bug. The report data shown in the list doesn’t match what you see when you actually open the report.

If I want to view the August 10 report with a 66.67% SPF pass percentage as shown in the screenshot, I need to click on the August 11 report. This appears to happen every time anywhere in the list, at least this session. Basically, it seems to be an off-by-one bug somewhere.

I just confirmed that this is still the case. Is it really possible that nobody else has noticed such an obvious bug? To clarify, if I click on the August 11 report in the screenshot above, it will say August 11 at the top but show me the data matching what you see on the line for August 10.

Could it be a time zone bug because I’m not in a US time zone? :thinking: Clearly it must be something that doesn’t affect the developers all that often.

This is still an issue. For a new domain a configured to use this tool, I had to resolve to modifying the date in the URL in order to be able to correct report, since I’ve only received one so far.

I am unable to recreate this in your account. For what domain is this happening?

It happens with both of the ones that have the feature enabled. 100% reproducible.

Like I said, the fact that no members of the team have noticed it suggests to me that it might be a timezone related bug or something like that. Otherwise it would be immediately obvious to everyone.

I could probably make a screen recording if that would be of any help. Do you want me to do that? :slight_smile:

A HAR file would be helpful, but for confidentially you’d need to share that via a ticket. You can open an account ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support. Once you have a ticket can you share the number here so that I can follow-up there?

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As a free user, I’m not allowed to submit tickets for technical issues. That’s why I posted here instead. What do you want me to pick instead?

I submitted a ticket with ticket number 2911442. Let me know if you need any additional details. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @blunden I have flagged this for my Support colleagues to take a look at. I am also copied on your ticket 2911442 to keep an eye on progress.


I’ve taken the ticket, and we will continue there.


As a clarification for anyone else reading this thread. This issue was fixed by Cloudflare a few weeks back. :slight_smile:

I also identified another issue that is currently a known issue. Besides these, the service has been working well.

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