[Bug] dash.cloudflare.com gets stuck in a 302 loop until throwing a rate limit error

When I try to login to dash.cloudflare.com, my account gets stuck in a redirect loop (302) until eventually displaying an HTTP ERROR 429 page.

Switching to Incognito mode fixes it, so the issue is clearly some kind of cookie. I’m sure that clearing my cookies will resolve it, but can this be forwarded to the dev team so that they can try to reproduce it and get it fixed?

I saved a copy of my request cookies but they might have sensitive info so I don’t want to post them here.

Best way to let them know about this, is to create a ticket.

There’s currently no general issue.

I’ve run into this before as well. Last time it happened to me, I was trying to open a support ticket from an account other than the owner of the domain. I was effectively blocked from opening a ticket. Edit: I’m not able to reproduce it now.