[Bug] Custom nameserver without upgrade Business/Enterprise plans

First i change domain nameservers to cloudflare and add domain, after it was activated i move nameserver to Hurricane
On Hurricane i point A record to random Cloudflare IP, on Cloudflare i point A record (gray cloud) to Origin IP
Weird that everything still working as it proxied

That is odd, I am just trying to confirm this on a test domain of my own. I doubt it will work for long though, I would only expect it to until Cloudflare detects that the nameservers have moved away (24hrs?) or at the most, 30 days until the domain is removed if inactive (I think it is 30 days…)

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So system still checking domain ns that in Pause mode

I do seem to be able to confirm this on my test domain (waiting for nameservers to propagate to check for definite, but seems like it works). I believe that even with Cloudflare paused, they will still check the nameservers periodically and I don’t think it will continue working once Cloudflare sees the change.

@cloonan, @cscharff

Working at Pending Nameserver Update state, just add domain without change ns

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Ok, thanks for the info - can’t confirm this right now, but quite surprised!

I take it you had to verify it in that account previously?

If not then multiple people could add it as pending to different accounts and not sure what would happen then!

I don’t think so, the pending one is random typed, but still need to change ns to activate SSL, page rule, DDOS mode… seems not working

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:wave: @anime4,

Not sure why that would be weird. The zone is active on Cloudflare (for now).

That’s not a supported configuration. At some point your zone will be checked, you will receive a warning and if not corrected the zone will be removed from Cloudflare.

That it works now is not a bug, Cloudflare tries not to break a customer’s environment unnecessarily when they make bad change. You don’t have custom nameservers, you have a config which will cause your zone to be removed from Cloudflare after a warning email is sent and if you don’t correct it. You need to either fix that or update your DNS records at HE to not point to Cloudflare IPs as your current ‘working’ config will cease to work when the zone is deleted from Cloudflare.



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