Bug: Cloudflare Zaraz Facebook Pixel "Facebook Event Name" doesn't work

There appears to be a major bug in the current implementation of the Cloudflare Zaraz Facebook Pixel implementation.

When creating a new Action on a Facebook Pixel, you prompt for a required “Facebook Event Name” and regardless of what you enter here (string, dynamic property…) it always goes through to Facebook as a “PageView” event - this completely renders the Pixel implementation useless for anyone needing to track events outside of eCommerce (such as “Lead” or “Contact” being very common standard Facebook events, or any custom events you wish to use).

Most basic example, this should fire a “Lead” event (a Facebook standard event):

The result - to make sure there were no conflicts with any other part of the tracking, all the Page view tracking was completely disabled as you’ll note in the screenshot:

What is your domain name? Feel free to DM it to me on Twitter.

Hey Yoav! Thanks for following up (especially over the weekend), the domain is evo.agency

Thanks! looked like we had an issue with the dashboard only allowing to add Pageview actions. The fix will be deployed later today. Please give it 24h and then re-create your actions as Events.

Dear @yoav_zaraz

after this hotfix another bug occurred and I can’t add an action to Facebook Pixel. It doesn’t work even if I remove the Facebook Pixel and add it again. The other tools work.

Thank you.

This should be fixed since a couple of days ago :pray:

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