(Bug) - can't change CF Access Logo URL to an image stored on R2

Hey, my account manager suggested me to do this on the forum.:

I noticed, when navigating to the customizing page, the new url is stored, but not applied to CF Access.
Thats the kind of issue:

icon.tld.cc is the old path, before those icons and some images were hosted on R2.
iamges.tld.cc is the new one. Access to the picture file is fine (read only) and it does work to use R2 for the application images.

Curios thing is: on a new Cloudflare access it will keep the default logo, even if i try to change the url to some none-existing file.
If there had been a working path which is != R2, it will show the old URL in dev tools.

Tested in two separate CF Tenants.
Thanks for looking into it!

Thats the way i accessed this setting (think its correct)

Additionally i applied the logo to the block page.