BUG: Can't Buy Domain. Price Difference

Hi all.

I just tryed to order a Domain that is avaivlbe for 8$ over cloudflare.
When i click on Purchase it show me for a short Period of Time
the Buy and Confirm Button to order it but before i am able to click it and order it
after only 2 Seconds it redirect me back to the start Page.

Same with other few Domains i tryed to order.

Just out of curiosity i went to another registrator to check the domain and buy it from there
but the free domain price was not $8 USD like on Cloudflare but 15’000 USD and was listed as a Premium Domain.

Looks like the Domain is availble but for a much higher Price then what Cloudflare offer it and i guess that is why i am redirected to the page that this domain is not availble for 8$.

The wrong Price for the Domain on Cloudflare must be a Bug.

I searched now on NameCheap to find a alternative Domain Name and found one that is free and availble
to be buyed for only 1$ the first year.

This Domain should be availble also in cloudflare as the top level domain is the same
as the Premium One i wanted to order before on cloudflare.

So same Top Level Domain for both Domains.

The first Domain is showed to be availble for order for 8$ but the actual Price is 15’000 USD.

The second Domain can be buyed for $1 USD and is free to be purchased as it is not yet registered but on Cloudflare it is nowhere showed to be purchased.

This does not make a good impression.