Buffering of responses? Did not used to be a problem - now is

Hi everyone,

Our domain has been on cloudflare free for years… but in the last month I have noticed it is buffering responses that it previously did not. For a long time, we had no issues with long running scripts that output chunks (The most noticable was use of OpenAI GPT4 to stream the ai responses.) The streaming from our domain always worked with our JS frontend until a couple of weeks ago - then everything was magically buffered until the response was closed.

I have tried to turn off proxying of domain/subdomain - but this has no effect
I have tried to turn on developer mode but this has no effect
I have the folders that serve these streaming responses set up with rules that prevent caching, but this has no effect

The only way I can get streaming back is to PAUSE cloudflare on the entire domain… clearly a shame

I see some people mentioning this reponse buffering in posts from years ago (to combat slowloris attacks) but the thing is, I NEVER saw this happen on our domains even up to a few weeks ago.

Now - its suddenly affecting all of our subdomains on this domain. I am rather stuck.

Can anyone share any insights, pointers to somewhere to look for a solution or workarounds?

Thanks so much!

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Seems this is a common issue - lots of posts mentioning it but nobody really finding anything other than workarounds.
Some people talk about disabling caching - but I have rules for this and they do not help.
Can anyone shed some light? or point me to a reasonable post with some conclusive responses? There just seem to be lots and lots of dead ends that are automatically closed without useful replies.

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