Browsing speed issue

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Hi @faisalecg, I’d use something like the webpage test and figure out which elements on your page are causing the slowdown, on first pass, it looks like a slow loading image,

Hi @faisalecg. As @cloonan suggested testing with webpagetest is a first good step. Looking into waterfall I noticed that origin request with the initial html is pretty slow:
I think smart caching html on Cloudflare edge will be the biggest winner in that particular case. You can try write a worker with using Caching API. I don’t have a complete code sample I could share but we are working on the solution for all customers in that area, stay tuned.

2nd suggestion - improve size and priority of the images served on the page. You can opt in into Cloudflare image resizing beta and do the rewriting on the fly with worker script as well:

Finally I’ve noticed you already applied RocketLoader feature. You can test whether it causes any problems by disabling it from the Speed page, in same rear cases it caused problems with the sites, although it shouldn’t be a problem in this case.

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