Browsing internally is shows the site as unsecured?

Hi, Testing site and it works ok from outside our network, site shows padlock but if I browse internally is shows the site as unsecured? please attached image.

The site shows the site secure when browsing externally or internally and its using the same certificate – why is this ?

Thanks John

Cloudflare’s Universal SSL is only valid if you’re hitting Cloudflare - if you’re hitting the domain with an internal address then Cloudflare wouldn’t be involved.

What does ping give you back in a console?

Hi KianNH - the ping cmd works fine i receive 100% replay ok

My point was more-so that if it’s resolving to an internal address, Cloudflare won’t be serving the website.

What’s the IP address (or at least the first half of it) that you were getting responses from?


That’s interesting - I’d expect the certificate to be fine.

Visit the site, click on the Not secure, view the certificate & post the certificate details here.

think it must be network related, as if you go outside the local network it works fine but browsing internally you cannot access site :frowning:

If using a corporate proxy the DNS entry seen by the client using tools like ping/nslookup/dig may not be the same as what a browser sees via the proxy. The proxy may have some kind of protection, and when sending an error back to the client (i.e. “Access to this site is prohibited by policy”) will use a fake (self signed) certificate.

May be unrelated, but the www version of your site is throwing 525 certificate errors.


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