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I have an issue with my magento store. When I view the home page I dont see the latest changes to my site. I need to clean browser data in order to see my changes. Cloudflare Cache Expiration is set to 4 hours. But I have waited 4 days and still don’t see the changes I made…

I have an additional domain as an exact copy of the domain, but this one is not using magento. Here it works fine, I see changes immediately. Hence I believe Cloudflare is the reason behind it

Cloudflare Cache Expiration = 4 hours
Cache Level = Standard
Always Online = Yes

any suggestions?

Have you tried flushing the browser cache? Does Magento have any type of caching built in?

What’s the URL?

I can flush the cache and see the changes But we are most worried that customers cannot see our latest changes, feel we cannot ask them to flush cache to see our changes

site is

I am just not seeing anything in the headers that would cause the browser to cache this page. Oddly enough, it doesn’t match the cache settings in your original post, either.

pragma: no-cache
cache-control: max-age=0, must-revalidate, no-cache, no-store
expires: Thu, 03 May 2018 19:03:08 GMT

What exactly are you changing? An Image? CSS? Or HTML-related?

I added the slideshow at the top of the page, it is this change don’t see. this slideshow have images

The three-image slider? I don’t remember seeing it before. But next time something doesn’t show up, open up Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) and look at the Console and Network tabs. And the page source. Something in there might offer a clue why it’s not appearing.

Right now, I see two 404 errors, probably unrelated to the caching issue:

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I have attached a screenshot showing the slide show I have issues with. This slideshow I need to clean browsing cache in order to see… On my testsite (not using Cloudflare) there I don’t have this issue

any ideas? Yes, I’m thankful for your replies

I can’t replicate the issue. No matter which browser I try in regular and private mode, the slider always shows up.

Maybe someone else can catch it not working. @floripare is pretty good with hunting down broken elements.

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Hey @loginname, @sdayman,

The page also looks fine to me, in four browsers I’ve tested it, including iOS Safari. The only thing I’ve noticed was that Dev Tools pointed to two CSS files, the ones @sdayman noticed as 404s, as not loaded for being mistakenly attributed the wrong MIME type. (Though when I try to open them in a separate tab, they do return 404s) Not sure if one of them would affect the slider:


It would be good if you posted your test domain you say is a copy that doesn’t use Magento, so we compare after any clues.

As far as caching goes, your HTML is not being cached by Cloudflare.

As for the Cloudflare Browser Cache Expiration, keep in mind that for any asset that CF caches, it will still respect the origin headers if they have greater values. So if your origin says to cache CSS for a year, Cloudflare will not change that, but if it says to cache them for 1 hour, CF will change that to the default, in your case 4 hours. In case you need to force users to purge the cache, you would have to rename the files in question. (EDIT: Or add a query string to them, like …css/?ver=123)

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