Browsers double-down on my domain name

After setting up in Cloudflare, my Web Browser enters my domain name twice, for some reason.

Like this

And my website main page looks like its it’s own SiteMap, no pictures and the links won’t do anything. I think it must be a loop in my DNS settings somewhere, but it’s not very obvious so I can’t find it.

According to your WP Admin login page W3 Total Cache has sent you a email about an error encountered which I think is what’s causing the issue.

Otherwise it looks like the standard WordPress Permalink structure issues that I commonly see just go to settings and re-save your Permalink structure.

I think that may be part of the problem. But, I forgot to mention in my first post, that when I try to log into wordpress it gives me a ‘Bad gateway Error code 502

And thank you for answering, Kyle-k

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