Browsers can't find the server

I registered my domain a couple of days ago (Cloudflare), change the DNS in Godaddy to the nameservers I got from Cloudlfare and now my site is not working. Please Help!

Your name servers have propogated, but it looks like you haven’t pointed your domain at your hosting?

How do I do that? …

You need to login to your GoDaddy dashboard and get your A record for your hosted site, and enter that into your CF DNS via the CF dashboard. You’ll also want to decide if your site is going to be hosted at or, then redirect the one you don’t want to the one you do using a CNAME record in the CF dashboard. So if you want to use for your domain (substitute for the IP address given in your GoDaddy dashboard):

Type         Name                    Value  

CNAME    @

Thank you very much Calian, I’ll try that and let you know.

Thank you … problem solve…

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Most welcome. It looks like you got everything configured correctly.


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