Browsers can't access my site

My site can’t be reached by all the browsers I tried. My computer told me I must add www but when I did it still did not resolve.

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You will need to provide more detail if you would like anyone to be able to help you.

my website is thescreenwritersmarket
it’s a .com but your system won’t let me type that

all browsers say that they cannot connect to the site

I’ve tried all kinds of fixes to the page rules but nothing works, at least not immediately

Let’s start with the www not loading. You have a redirect loop on Visiting over HTTP results in a redirect to HTTPS (good), but then the HTTPS page returns a redirect to itself, forever (bad). This is often cause by using an insecure TLS option in Cloudflare. Visit and make sure that Full (strict) is selected.

You have no DNS record for the apex name You can fix that by adding one. If you want to use an an originless Redirect Rule to send visitors to the www hostname, you can create a AAAA records using the special address 100::.


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