Browser wont show SSL

I just activate Cloudflare on my website
When i check to see if i have SSL from
all is ok, but browser still tell me that site is insecure. and i cant enter site with https only http or www

How can i fix this?

Try adding the protocol when you enter the address in your browser:
When I try that, it works fine.
It could be your browser cached the error. So also try clearing your cache.


Are you mining bitcoin in people’s browsers? My CPU spiked when investigating your site issues. When I disable javascript I get no cpu spike. Only on your pages, when javascript is enabled.


I just clear cash from browser and i got same error, also i try on mobile and same.

Yea because site is ad free only income is from mining xmr when people watch movie

I think it’s probably a cache issue in your browser or computer. DNS is usually cached in the OS. Can you try from a different computer?

Maybe it need’s some times. because i changed DNS like 30 min ago.
Yea i try on desktop and laptop and mobile. All are same

Are you from US? or UK?

That makes sense then. When I looked I had no cache primed so my system fetched the newer dns info. Report back after a day and let us know if that was the issue here.

Yea, i will report back tomorrow, thank you for your time :wink:

Yea i must be DNS, because now i can see on index page that its secure but on rest of them when i click i got same problem, so i think that it will be fine in couple of hours

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