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I have a server that doesnt have SSL yet, but my android wont allow my app to make internet connectoin unless i use SSL.

I dont have time to setup SSL on my server, so i was wondering if something like (below) this is possible with cloudflare?

Android App <----HTTPS----> [CLOUDFLARE] <----http(8080)------> webserver

Is this setup possible?


Probably, but if you don’t have time to set up Let’s Encrypt, you also don’t have time to learn enough about Cloudflare to use it.

You’re looking for the “Flexible” option, this will tell Cloudflare to accept HTTP and HTTPS, and connect both over HTTP to your server.

Thanks, can i force cloudflare to connect http to my server using port 8080 since my server only listens to 8080

No, you can’t.

So in my android code i connect like this to my website through cloudflare

So this goes to cloudflare over HTTS on 443 rather than to my site directly

then cloudflare forwards the packet to my site using HTTP on port 80 like this

Is that how it works?

I just want it to use port 8080 when talking to my site rather than port 80 because i cant get my server to listen on port 80 (google cloud compute running ubuntu) dont know why it wont listen to 80

Exactly. And it’s also how to use the most insecure path.

There’s a firewall / ACL you need to configure on your Google dashboard. You can use any service you want, it’s a VPC like any other virtualized system.

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