Browser says: Cloudflare origin certificate certificate is not trusted


I’ve configured SSL connection and checked from
It seems OK but Chrome and other browsers complains as Cloudflare origin certificate certificate is not trusted
Full(strict) mode is enabled and can provide additional info if desired.


Origin certificates cant be used with browsers but are only trusted by Cloudflare in a proxied context.


Thanks, I basically want to have https connection over my website. How should I proceed? My domain registrar is also Cloudflare by the way.


Do you want to proxy over Cloudflare or do you want requests to go straight to your server, meaning using Cloudflare for DNS-only? What is the primary reason for you to use Cloudflare?


I’d like to have some layer of security with cloudflare. I also tried let’s encrypt for https connection but somehow couldn’t make it with nginx.
So my goal is to have some security with cloudflare and provide https connection.


In that case you need to proxy and in this context an origin certificate should work just fine. Currently your setup already goes through Cloudflare and the error you receive is because you webserver is down, which is a different issue.


Are you sure it’s down? I checked it seems alright.


You just need to open the site.


I encounter with this

But can go through web site. SS of certificate:

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Website is not down I don’t redirect www at the moment. Check


Thats because you get the redirect from Cloudflare and Cloudflare is not down.


Cloudflare origin certificate is not intended to be use on public internet.

You need to orange-clouded your domain in DNS setting.


I somehow managed to work it out. I don’t know how that happened because I tried many things thus I can’t provide info for users who will come across this in the future. You can close topic, I couldn’t found close button.

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