Browser-rendered ssh terminal with OAuth2

I have a problem using OAuth2 to login to browser-rendered ssh terminal. I am able to login using PIN from email. Google Account passes the test. I see the “Sign in with Google” option active (see screen below). The account is correctly identified but does NOT have access to this service.
Is it possible to have OAuth2 access to browser-rendered ssh terminal in general?
If yes, is the wrong setup more on side of “google cloud console” or CF?
Is there are guide? What section should be changed?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Difficult to say, could you take a look at your access policy for the application and see if it matches the correct email in the policies?

Thank you for an encouraging answer :slight_smile: You mean access policy on CF or Google side? Thank you :slight_smile:

On Cloudflare, on the Zero Trust dashboard under Access

Great, will experiment :slight_smile:

Thank you, done. I added the gmail address AND OAuth Login method like on the picture. Have a nice day. esosacek

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