Browser language recognition and redirection


I’m having problems with my browser language recognition and redirection on my front page. Only at the front page it looks at the browser language and redirects to specific subfolder, like /en /de /fr … . When I set cloudflare to development mode everthing works fine. But if it’s not in development the redirection through php code doesn’t work.

I’ve tried use a page rule like “* -> Cache Level: Bypass” to bypass only the front page of my site. But this doesn’t seem to work.

What else can I do?



Are you using a cache all directive somewhere? Post a screenshot of your page rules.

Whats the domain?

Hi sandro,

I don’t think there is such a directive, no.

It’s about

Here are the page rules:

If you have no cache everything, it shouldnt be caching related (unless some static resources are involved as well) and hence development mode shouldnt make any difference.

Right now, I do get redirected (that redirect is server-side). How can the issue be reproduced?

Do you get redirected to a subfolder like /en or /nl, /fr, …?

I’m testing on Chrome. I’ve set english as the first language in Chrome. But on the live site I don’t get redirected to the subfolder /en.

On my testing site which doesn’t go over Cloudflare it works.

That is exactly what I meant. I do get redirected. I am afraid you’ll simply have to debug your code and check why it might not work in your case.

You must have made some change. Now, I dont get a redirect any longer.

Does your server IP address end in 65?

If that is the case, there is a way more severe issue with your site and that is that you do not have an SSL certificate configured on your server. You need to do that to have a properly secured connection.

The redirection checks whether the user has changed the language through the websites language menu. Then the language gets saved inside a cookie.

Yes the the IP ends with 65.

Unfortunately I can’t get an SSL certificate for my webspace because the domain is not hosted at my webspace hoster. My client doesn’t want to move the domain to this hoster.

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