Browser displaying SSL cert issuer as my domain

Hi there,

A few hours ago I set up Universal SSL with my GoDaddy hosted Wordpress site in Flexbile mode with a flexible cloudflare WP plugin. My domain is My certificate is showing as valid and I’ve enabled HTTPS redirects through the Cloudflare control panel.

When testing the site with whynopadlock the tests all pass and the certificate issuer appears to be Cloudflare. However, when I go to my website Chrome, Edge and Firefox all say that the site is insecure and it appears that the certificate issuer is

I’m a bit lost as to which steps to take next. Is this just a case of being patient and that things aren’t ready-to-go under the Cloudflare-hood?


Hi @amitchone,

I see your site OK with the Cloudflare certificate. I suspect there is a cached DNS value on your end so you go direct to the server and see the self-signed cert. If you have a self-signed cert, you should be able to switch from Flexible to Full in Cloudflare. Also, ideally you should get a valid certificate (or Cloudflare Origin Certificate) on the server and switch that to Full (strict).

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