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Our website,, uses Bablic to translate its contents from English to Latvian. The Latvian site uses a subdomain For the English site, everything seems to be working fine. However, the Latvian site goes into an endless “Checking browser” loop where the redirect seems to be going back to the check again and again (with a new Ray ID everytime the page reloads). I’ve attached a screenshot as well.

I tried pausing Cloudflare entirely but this did not seem to work either.

I’d appreciate any tips a lot.

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That issue was already brought up a few months ago in a different thread. I seem to recall that it was eventually fixed, however no reason was stated.

Can you your firewall events to determine which rules fire?
Also, open a support ticket.

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Thank, you Sandro!

I checked the firewall events, and it’s empty. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

I couldn’t find where to open a support ticket. Is this available for the free version of Cloudflare?



Looking From The Screenshot Looks Like Chrome…
Another Reason It Might Be Chrome Is That It Has Extensions

On a second check, none of your addresses is proxied but both, the “www” and the “lv” host, point to hosts which are on Cloudflare themselves, though under the configuration of the respective domain owner (hence nothing in your firewall logs).

In this case not Cloudflare should be your point of contact but rather whoever hosts your site, respectively wherever you pointed your records to.

Thank you both @sandro and @BrokeWebDeveloper.

No, we haven’t triggered “under attack”. Yes, it’s Chrome. Good thinking about our hosts - it’s a SaaS solution for our site. I’ll ask them to look into it. I’ll keep you updated, too.



I contacted, to which our DNS points for further help. I also opened a support ticket just in case (1743310) @cloonan Thank you, everyone!

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I am afraid Cloudflare wont be able to help you here. Thats an issue with your service provider. They might have to contact Cloudflare eventually.

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