Browser caching settings, but cache is empty in Chrome tools

My personal website ( is deployed on Heroku with Cloudflare handling the redirects from my custom domain and caching.

Cache level is standard and browser cache expiration set to 5 days.

I have created a custom page rule for ‘*’:

  • Browser Cache TTL = ‘5 days’
  • Cache Level = ‘Cache Everything’
  • Edge Cache TTL = ‘5 days’

Tested site via webpagetest:

When I check chrome tools > application > cache it is just completely blank…

How do I know if browser caching is working? The report says I’m utilizing at least some browser caching, but I don’t see anything in google chrome cache.

It works when you reload. You can see this in the network tab:

(The initial request is never served from browser cache)

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ahhhh… Thaaank you… I seeeeee, it is working, awesome. So, is there a way to access/explore the files in the browser cache? Why is there a section labelled cache that is just empty?? I can see local storage and cookies. Is the cache stored in local storage? I’d just like to dig around and understand it better.

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I believe cache storage is a special API for things that should be available offline, such as service worker files. An example is this forum’s Cache Storage tab; you’ll see offline.html, which shows up if you try to access this site when offline, or google drive which includes anything that is marked as “available offline”.

I agree it’s a little misworded since it doesn’t include actual disk cache items :sweat_smile:

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