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This is Anu here, I just installed my website and added my website to Cloudflare account. When I checked Caching - I spotted Browser Cache TTL and can I know what the duration to be set there. There were showing many like 4 hours, 30 minutes and so and so.

Well in the Internet everyone can be everywhere, so personal informations dont matter that much here :slight_smile:

What is the question here? Do you want to ask for some adives or some recommendations? Or is this just a notice that you spotted these options?

I want to know what should be the Browser Cache TTL hours to be set?

There is no “best recommendation”. It depends on your needs.
To do some good recommendations we need to know:

  1. How many uniwue visitors you do have each day?
  2. How many are recurring visitors a day?
  3. How many visitors a day can your Setup/Server handle?

If you dont know these infos its useless to give any advice/recmmendations and it would be better to stick with the Standard-Settings

As you put that in here. I dont think you are “Anu” (LINK) But these is just my personal optinion.

Just asking myself why someone is doing something? If I may be wrong and you are Anu Emmanuel pls correct me but unless you are not I dont get why you are stating that you are “her”? Especially when in forums likle this it would not matter at all

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Thanks for the advice.

Consider website have better traffic for example 2k per day. is that ok for setting with 4 hours.

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