Browser Cache TTL - 3 day or 8 hours? (using APO WooCommerce)

We have set Browser Cache TTL at 3 days. After major change on website we purged the cache, but our customers were seeing same old views on their devices even after 2-3 days. Now I have changed it back to 8 hours (not sure if it helped thou). Does this really affect purging or we use it in different way?

What kind of Caching is this anyway (I already googled but idk why its not working as its supposed to)

Purging the Cache deletes assets from Cloudflare, but it does not affect any other caching mechanisms, like browser caches. Have you checked whether the modified files were served from Cloudflare’s cache or from somewhere else?

If you don’t have a strategy in place to clear browser caches, they would only update after 3 days.

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