Browser Cache Expiration On A News Site


Hey guys, had a quick question for you. I run a news website and post several new articles a day. Was wondering what I should set my Browser Cache Expiration to for that case. I have it set to 4 hours, which was there when I set up my site with cloudflare.

I ask because I am getting the "leverage browser caching’ notice when I check my page speed. I am thinking that changing it could help.

Any help is appreciated!



The default Browser Cache Expiration applies to static content. I expect PageSpeed is complaining that some of your static assets have too low of a setting. Be sure it really is a static content cache metric, then go ahead and crank up the browser cache expiration setting up to whatever makes that warning go away.

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1-month worked for me. I check speed against PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest, both are Google products.