Browser cache and Cache-Control header


One of my pages needs to close the browser cache and also needs to turn off the cloudflare cache, but how do I modify the cloudflare configuration does not work.

I try:

Page Rules -> Cache Level -> Bypass
Browser Cache Expiration -> Respect Existing Headers (I have set the Cache-Control header on the source server response)
Purge Everything Caching

Anyway, my page will always be cached by the browser, and the response header Cache-Control: max-age=43200 will not change.

Please help me, thanks a lot.

Page Rules: Cache Level -> Bypass*

Hey Buddy,

If you need a domain name to check, I can tell you by private message.

Thank you, I can confirm that my configuration is no problem, because I tried a lot of configuration and didn’t change anything.

Anyone help me?


Browsers themselves will never cache HTML, so what you’re trying to achieve (browser cache only, no CF cache) is impossible.