Brounce the state code 302

In the past days, the domain name has been replaced with cloudflare nameservers. But the state code change to 302, how to fix it? Thanks.

State Code? That looks like an HTTP response for forwarding. What’s the domain?

hello sdayman,

our domain name is:, would you like to help us to fix the issue? Thanks.

Your site works fine. Without www, it does a 302 redirect to www. You don’t want your site to forward to www? You want your site to work without ‘www’ in front?

the state code still 302 with the whole domain name: There is related link address as follow:

You will also get a 302 if you type in the site without HTTPS because that would be HTTP, and then it will redirect with a 302 to get to HTTPS.

Your site is not broken.

There is anything about the HTTPS for SEO effect?

HTTPS is better for SEO. Your site is ok.

but the state code is 302. is it ok for SEO?

301 for HTTPS is better than 302 for SEO. Cloudflare’s “Always Use HTTPS” option in SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates does a 301.

Hello Sdayman,

Thank you very much. how to solve the bounce the state code 301?

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