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I am a bit confused about brotli and rocket loader, would you be able to please confirm, if a page has only HTML, Javascript, CSS and highly optimised (small) .WEBP format images, plus uses a “Cache Everything” rule and Minify HTML, JS, CSS … what is the advantage of Rocket Loader and Brotli?

Is the processing time involved to compress actually a slower overall process that turning them off?

Or, under what situation is performance increase? Even using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, the page in the screen shot attached seems to be loading too slow apparently even using CloudFlare’s services, so I am really surprised by that.

I am also using .htaccess to force all URLs to be served as HTTPS as well as to display without the WWW, so maybe I should turn off settings like “Force HTTPS”?

Can you please advise me as to how to make the above page serve absolutely fastest as it’s going to be the template for around 100 other pages I serve via CloudFlare so I’d like to get it right/best.

What settings should I be turning on, plus turning off (unnecessary processing?), to make a page like above serve fastest?

All advice will be greatly appreciated and liked.

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Brotli is very efficient, I’d say it makes sense in most if not all websites. It will surely take some extra CPU cycles to decompress and load the content but overall it’s faster than having to transfer heavier files over the internet.

Regarding minify vs compress, note that they are different terms and achieve different results. Compression algorithms are extremely complex, minify methods are “simply” removing unwanted whitespaces and maybe under some scenarios, inline some calls to external dependencies (this is rather uncommon). You should always minify and then compress, Cloudflare allows you to do this.

Regarding rocket loader, it depends as well. Some websites experience faster results than others. If you are genuinely worried about performance, make two independent setups and stress test the speed over the course of 2-3 days and see which one works best for you.

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