Brotli problem

Hi. It seems like I have a brotli problem too.
The test from keycdn says that is not active and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Can you help please?

Thanks a lot.


There are 5 common Content-Encoding types:

Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-Encoding: compress
Content-Encoding: deflate
Content-Encoding: identity
Content-Encoding: br

“br” stands for brotli. Your Website uses brotli.

But please notice tht you are using keyCDN which delivers files from domains which are not pointing to CloudFlare. So CloudFlare does not have anything to do with “other domains” then the ones pointing to CloudFlare.

Anyway all files seems to use brotli.

Thanks a lot for the answer. I was afraid that brotli doesn’t work.

I used argo till yesterday but something was going slower than I expected. Also I had the paid plan for a few days (I paid it for a month but when I canceled it after a few days it didn’t remain active for the rest) so I switched to keycdn.
Keycdn seems to be 10% faster for me.

As you see here (↑) KeyCDN is also using CloudFlare.
I’m pretty sure it is not faster then CloudFlare (specially when it comes to WorldWide comparisson!) but if you say so a “Before/After” comparisson would be nice.

Why do I think keyCDN is not faster?
Because CLoudFlare is also here implemented what the Headers show, also it offers other Optimizations like:

  • HTTP/2
  • HTTP/3 (with QUIC)
  • 0-RTT Connection Resumption
  • TCP Turbo

And some other things. Also keyCDN must have at least bought Polish or some other features which are not included in the free package. as the header cf-bgj is set.

What the downsite of CloudFlare is:

It adds on dynamic content one roundrop to the request (about 20ms) but just once and on just the dynamic requests so this should not effect your site by a lot.

If you really want to know what gives you the biggest bost set up both at the same site and compare them side by side. But I would bet CF will be faster. (important: they have to be hosted at the same origin Server)

Also you should know that KeyCDN is just boosting Static content, like normally CloudFlare, but with Argo even dynamic content should be faster, but to be hosted I could not recommend it. Better go for “Cache Everything” with good Page Rules and boost your site like this if it is no Shop. This would take the TTFB down to about 20ms worldwide!

But anyway it would be good to implement serverside cache (static cache).
So I personally would go for:

CloudFlare (Free Plan) + Static Cache (ServerSide) + optimizations in Frontend

As this will give you the biggest Boost at all. optimization at a native server side way.

Thanks a lot for the recomandations.

Best regards,

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